November 6, 2009

Making Your Report Neat & Professional

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Once you’re done with your report, make it neat and professional by following these steps in a MS Word document.

Title Page

  • Create a title page with your title, research question, names, period, teacher, and class.
  • Include a picture on your title page that captures the topic you studied.

Table of Contents

  • Do this section last (it’s easier that way).
  • Create a table that shows which sections are on which pages.

The Rest of Your Sections

  • Copy/paste the rest of your sections in order.


  • An appendix is where you include other background information your gathered.
  • First, copy/paste your survey.
  • Then, copy/paste the internet research you conducted on soda drinking.

November 4, 2009

Last Sections of your Research Report

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Writing Up Your “Conclusions” section:

  • Paragraph #1: Answer your research question as best you can. Use the data you mentioned in your Data Analyses section. Explain why you think you got the results you did.
  • Paragraphs #2 & #3 (& #4) Revisit each hypothesis from your group members. Explain if the hypothesis was accurate or not. Use the data you mentioned in your Data Analyses section. Explain why your hypothesis was correct or incorrect.

Writing Up Your “Ideas for Future Research” Section:

  • Paragraph #1: What worked well in this project? What didn’t work well? Why?
  • Paragraph #2: What ideas would you recommend if you were going to do this project over again? What would you change?
  • Paragraph #3: What other types of research would you like to do that is related to this project? Why?


October 30, 2009

Continue Writing Up Your Report

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Ticket to Leave (you must be finished with all of these in order to leave today):

  • Title
  • Introduction (1 paragraph; see directions below)
  • Background Research (3 paragraphs; see directions below)
  • Hypotheses
    • state all of your hypotheses for your survey experiment
    • be sure to clearly state whose hypothesis is whose (e.g. Devin predicted that…)
  • Complete data on your Google Spreadsheet (see directions from yesterday’s sheet)
    • Go to your Google Docs home
    • Create a New Spreadsheet
    • Save the name of this file with your names and “Soda Data”
    • Input all of your data from your surveys (I recommend going in order from freshmen to seniors)

October 26, 2009

Writing Up a Research Report

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  • Include your project’s title, your name, date, period, and teacher.
  • Give your project a creative title (be original!)


  • Introduce your project using the following sentence starter: Our goal for this survey project is to answer the following research question: _________________________________________________________________.
  • Now, in about three sentences, explain why we’re conducting this survey. Add any other information about why you think this project is interesting.

Background Research:

  • In this section, describe what the research says about soda and health. Use the information on your Google Document.
  • You want to write this section up properly. You can summarize information and you can quote information. If you quote, you must quote properly.
  • Since you gathered this information from somewhere else, you need to give your sources credit. After summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting, create a link to the article in parentheses ( ).
  • E.G. According to one study, “Americans drink, on average, 1.6 cans of soda pop daily or 597 cans of soda pop a year” (source).
  • You need at least three separate paragraphs that explore three topics that are related to your survey.
  • Each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences long.

October 22, 2009

Soda Research (Day #2)

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Steps to Finish Up Yesterday’s Work

  1. Be sure to rename the title of your Google document to include your names and the assignment name (MANY of you forgot this step from yesterday).
  2. Finish up researching the answers to yesterday’s questions.
  3. Once you are done researching, then follow the guidelines below to create a short survey about soda consumption at LPS.

Moving on to Your Research Project (Ticket to Leave)

  1. What do you want to know about LPS students and soda? Construct a research question that you want to answer. Write this question in your Google Document.
  2. Start creating your survey. First think of three background questions that you want to know about the people who will take your survey. These background questions might ask about gender, race, age, grade, or weight/obesity (Do you consider yourself overweight or out of shape?).
  3. Write these background questions in a section called “Background Questions” underneath your research question in your Google Document.
  4. Think of 5 questions for your survey that would help answer your research question. The questions should probably be multiple choice or short answer.
  5. Write these survey questions in a section called “Survey Questions” underneath your “Background Questions” section.

October 21, 2009

Researching Soda

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  1. Create a Google Document that find helpful information about soda. Work with a partner and share the document with
  2. Title your document with your names and the assignment name.
  3. Copy/paste the questions below into your document.
  4. You will answer the following questions using Google searches today.
  5. First, brainstorm some search terms to make your Google searches more effective. Do NOT just type in the question!
  6. Each time you find a website that helps you answer the question, copy/paste the information from the website below the question. Also, create a LINK to the web page that you got the information from.

1. What can drinking too much soda do to you? (There are many answers to this question.)
Search terms:
•    Soda
•    Effects
•    Consequences
•    Disease

2. How many calories does the average American consume through soda (each day, or each week, month, or year)?
Search terms:

3. How much soda does the average American drink in a year?
Search terms:

4. What are the ingredients of soda that make it so unhealthy?
Search terms:

5. How has soda drinking increased over the years?
Search terms:

6. How does drinking soda actually make you hungrier?
Search terms:

7. How do people who drink diet soda still put on more fat?
Search terms:

General Health Questions:

8. How many calories are in a pound of fat?
Search terms:

9. How many Americans are obese (unhealthily overweight)?
Search terms:

February 11, 2009

Wednesday (2-11-09)

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Today we…

  • Practiced defining words
  • Completed an anticipation guide about schools that specifically serve students addicted to drugs
  • Read & summarized a short article
  • You can download today’s work as a doc or pdf file.

Homework: Due Tomorrow (Thursday, 9-12-09)

  • Write a summary of the entire article. (You could just combine all of your mini-summaries!)

Tuesday (2-10-09)

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Today we…

  • Completed a launch that helped teach us how to “categorize”
  • Summarized a short passage about who is affected by drug abuse and drug addiction
  • Practiced categorizing some more notes on drug abuse/addiction
  • You can download a copy of today’s assignment as a pdf or doc file.

Homework: Due Tomorrow (Wednesday, 2-11-09)

  • Write a Toulmin paragraph that answers the following question: In general, are the effects of drug abuse and addiction felt more powerfully by the individuals struggling with addiction or their families?

Monday (2-9-09)

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Today we…

  • Completed a practice EAP essay. You can download a copy of the assignment as a doc or pdf file.


  • None! You just wrote an in-class essay!

February 2, 2009

Science Week! (1/26/09-2/3/09)

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This past week, we’ve conducted a mini-Science project.

This week we’re completing a small Science Project. We will be conducting an experiment about the explosive nature of Diet Coke and Alka-Seltzer. And then, we will learn how to write up a laboratory report. And, of course, we will actually write up a laboratory report.

We’re doing an experiment for a couple of reasons. First, I thought you might enjoy something different for the beginning of this semester and after a long finals week. Second, it’s important that you learn reading and writing skills that you would use in a Math or Science class.


  • introduce research question: Which produces the tallest Diet Coke fountain explosion: halved Alka-Seltzer tablets, small pieces of Alka-Seltzer tablets, or crushed powder of Alka-Seltzer tablets?
  • formulate hypothesis
  • watch videos of Diet Coke reacting with Mentos
  • perform demonstration Diet Coke fountain explosion with Alka-Seltzer


  • learn about surface area
  • write beginning of lab report


  • learn about Boolean (Google) searches
  • find 2 articles online that help answer research question
  • experiment at lunch; gather data
  • HW: write observations about experiment


  • write background information
  • analyze data
  • HW: write description of experiment & materials


  • learn how to write a references section (bibliography)
  • write discussion, conclusions, and bibliography

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